Why interactive product demos win deals


Author: Margot Howard
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Sales demo quality can be the difference between winning or losing the deal. The increasingly self-guided buying journey means sales reps only have 5% of the buying process to win over potential buyers. Plus, buyers have high expectations of sellers by the time they meet with them, including personalization and the ability to provide insights to aid their selection process. Buyers also need help reaching consensus across a growing and diverse buying committee of up to 10 members. So, there’s no better way for sellers to meet these needs than by providing a customized interactive product demo. But why is that?


A customized demo shows that reps have listened carefully to the prospect and understand their needs. According to Korn Ferry, the top salesperson behaviors that impact buying decisions include:

  • Understanding business, situation, and needs
  • Demonstrating the ROI or value
  • Actively listening
  • Providing expertise and perspective
  • Helping prospects think through how to use the solution
  • Configuring a creative and compelling solution

A personalized interactive product demo meets these buyer requirements, builds trust, and enables reps to influence the decision to buy.


Allowing buyers to navigate demos however they choose enables them to maintain the independence they have had throughout the first part of their buying journey. Instead of listening to a rep drone on about the platform, buyers can navigate the demo at their own pace, trying features in their preferred order.


Interactive demos are naturally engaging. Fully engaged customers spend 23% more than average. So, providing an interactive demo enables buyers to participate actively in the demo experience. They remember more of the experience because they’re involved.

True-to-life simulation

Sellers need to help buyers make sense of their research and gain clarity for a confident purchasing decision. Gartner calls this buyer enablement, recommending a necessary form of this type of content be a “simulator” that demonstrates how the solution will work in the customer’s context. That’s why interactive product demos are essential for enabling buyers to move beyond overwhelm and arrive confidently at a buying decision.

Customized interactive demos bring the product to life, giving buyers a taste of what it’s like to use your solution daily and see how it solves their problems. The demo includes all the latest features, too, is essential since prospects get a first-hand experience of what they will have once they sign on the dotted line. This eliminates doubts and provides clarity—critical for making a confident buying decision.

Engages all committee members

Since interactive product demos are sharable, all stakeholders can try the product themselves. This is huge because they no longer need to rely on their colleagues' opinions or second-hand experiences to guide their decision, which helps build consensus.

Provides reps with cues

These sharable leave-behind interactive demos help reps track who on the buying committee has viewed the demo, what pages they spent the most time on, and when they engaged with it. This helps reps determine the best times to follow up with potential customers to offer additional insights, assist, or close the deal. Timing is everything, so these insights are valuable.

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