The Presales take on data and analytics


We spoke with 6 senior leaders about the challenges and opportunities of using data and analytics to inform decisions for presales departments.

What are the 3 types of presales data?

  • Activity metrics: How many demos are we doing?
  • Outcome metrics: What is our win-rate?
  • Customer metrics: What did the customer care about on the call?

9 Presales data points you should be tracking

  • There is a lot of data presales teams need to track. Are you tracking the right data?
  • The most impactful data is presales’ revenue relationship and win rate impact. Or “outcome metrics.”
  • Activity data helps make sure presales are spending their time on the right activities. But tracking activity data is hard.

How to use new data to get a seat at the table

  • Demo Software provides presales teams with new buyer engagement data.
  • With non-traditional pre-sales KPIs, presales leaders are transforming how they speak with sales leadership.
  • Demostack’s Salesforce Integration makes it easier to marry sales and presales data.

Slice and dice data for insights

  • The more data you collect with purpose, the more you can slice and dice into valuable insights later.
  • Harbor tour demos are boring, but are they worth the investment of customization?
  • Deirdre was able to measure the impact of customizing demos.
  • She showed that they increased win rate by more than 10% for her product.

Our experts

  1. Amin Ibrahim

    Senior Director of Presales @ Hootsuite

  2. Sara Jones

    Global VP of Presales @ Zendesk

  3. Lori Payne

    Global VP of Presales & Focus Solutions @ BlackLine

  4. Frank Tisellano Sr.

    VP of Global Presales @ Kaseya

  5. Todd Janzen

    Global VP of Solution Engineering @ Q Branch

  6. Deirdre Sommerkamp

    VP of Solutions Consulting @ Upland Software

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