Gainsight increases their win rate by 25%

Customer Story

Gainsight, the leading customer success and product experience platform, has transformed its demo operations through Demostack, driving a 25% growth in win rate by customizing demos. The solution has enabled the team to overcome economic challenges and streamline demo response times, significantly impacting sales cycles and efficiency.


  • Creating custom demos: The complex nature of demo customization was a hurdle for Gainsight's sales team, affecting the sales cycle's length and efficiency.
  • Long demo response time: A previous Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 48 hours for custom demo preparation delayed initial sales conversations, risking the loss of prospect interest and lengthening the sales cycle
  • Cohesive story for multiple products: The need to integrate multiple products, recently acquired, into a cohesive demo emphasized the importance of an efficient and versatile demo solution

Demostack Value

  • Increased their win rate by 25% when using customized demos versus standard demos
  • Faster sales cycles: Can cut 3 out of 5 demo calls by customizing the first demo and showing the prospect their use case as early as possible
  • Significantly reduced its demo response time, from 48 hours to an hour, keeping sales momentum strong
  • The platform has allowed Gainsight to efficiently integrate and showcase its broad product suite
  • Easier to maintain multiple product demo environments

Choosing Demostack over competitors

Demostack was not the first demo automation software Gainsight bought and onboarded. But the other venture-backed software was too burdensome to manage. It was confusing for admins and took too much time to set up a demo environment.

When the first demo environment was set up, Gainsight's sales team could not veer off the preplanned click-path, limiting sales from answering questions or showing a true technical demo.

In addition, Gainisight could not piece together multiple products together, preventing sales from telling one unified story.

Before Demostack

Prospect is waiting days for a demo

Before Demostack, Gainsight faced significant challenges that impacted its sales cycle and deal closure rates. The process of customizing demos, crucial for winning deals, resulted in prospects waiting days for a personalized demonstration. This delay not only gave competitors an advantage but sometimes led to lost deals altogether.

Multi-product modules hard to manage and demo

Gainsight's strategy of expanding its product suite through acquisitions added complexity to demo presentations. Sales teams had to juggle multiple logins and keep numerous tabs open, each product requiring its own demo instance and separate customization.

This setup was not only cumbersome but also prone to distractions and unprofessional moments during presentations, such as unintended pop-up notifications.

After Demostack

Gainsight winning more deals

After implementing Demostack, Gainsight experienced a transformational change in its sales strategy and outcomes. The ability to quickly customize demos meant that prospects could immediately see the value tailored specifically to their needs, significantly reducing the need for multiple demos. This streamlined approach not only accelerated the sales process but also increased the win rate for Gainsight in a highly competitive market where every advantage counts.

Demo templates at sales fingertips

Another reason the sales motion is faster is that sales and presales have custom demos at their fingertips. With a demo library, every sales person can select the right demo already tailored to their prospect’s use case. This is especially important for the commercial sales team, who often face prospects expecting a demo early in the sales cycle.

Complex demos made simple

With Demo Playbooks, Gainsight's sales team can handle complex, multi-product demonstrations with ease. Sales can easily customize multiple products and launch a multi-product demo in one-click. Sales teams no longer need to log into multiple platforms or manage numerous tabs in preparation for a call.

Demostack's ease of use ensures management that demos are more likely to match the buyers' expectations every time.

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