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Author: Barry Mueller
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Live demos are a vital part of the sales process, allowing teams to show potential customers the real value of their products. With the recent closure of InVision, many are left seeking alternatives that can effectively handle live demos. In this post, we'll explore why traditional prototyping tools might not be sufficient for live demos and introduce Demostack as a better solution to fill the gap left by InVision's departure.

The Closure of InVision and Its Impact

InVision was a staple in the prototyping tool market, known for its robust features that allowed designers to create interactive and engaging prototypes. However, with its recent closure, many users are left searching for alternatives. The closure has created a significant void, especially for teams that relied heavily on InVision for their demo needs. As former InVision users express their concerns, it's clear that there's a pressing need for a new solution.

Limitations of Remaining Prototyping Tools for Live Demos

While tools like Marvel and Figma continue to thrive, they come with their own set of limitations when it comes to live demos.

  • Marvel:
    • Primarily focused on design, not functionality.
    • Limited features for showcasing dynamic content.
    • Difficulty in presenting real-time data.
  • Figma:
    • Great for collaboration but not optimized for sales demos.
    • Challenges in demonstrating real-world use cases.
    • Requires extensive setup for each demo scenario.

These limitations highlight the need for a tool that goes beyond static prototyping and supports dynamic, interactive presentations.

Why Live Demos Matter

Live demos are more than just a presentation; they are an interactive experience that engages potential customers and showcases the true capabilities of your product.

  • Engagement: Live demos capture and maintain customer interest through interactive elements and real-time customization.
  • Customization: They allow sales teams to tailor the demo to specific customer needs, making the presentation more relevant and impactful.
  • Realism: By demonstrating the product in a real demo environment, live demos build credibility and trust with potential customers.

Demostack is Your Platform for Live Demos

Demostack emerges as a powerful alternative for InVision, designed to address the shortcomings of traditional prototyping tools.

  • Overview: Demostack is built specifically for sales teams, enabling them to deliver highly interactive and customizable live demos.
  • Features:
    • AI editor for customization
    • Demo Playbooks to show multiple demos
    • One-click demo access
  • Benefits:
    • Enhances the sales pitch with live, interactive experiences.
    • Reduces preparation time for AEs and presales.
    • Improves customer understanding and engagement.

Final Proof Why Prototyping Tools are Not the Answer for Live Demos

Clark Valberg, former CEO of InVision, invested in Demostack 3 years ago.

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