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G2 is the largest and most trusted software marketplace where millions of people go to make smarter buying decisions based on authentic peer reviews.

The G2 Grid report is a visual depiction of G2 scores based on real-time customer feedback aggregated from online sources and social networks.

Being a leader on the Grid confirms that our customers are not only satisfied with our demo experience platform, but they love using it to solve their demo challenges. We’d like to say a massive thank you to our customers that took the time to share their stellar reviews on G2.

What is the presales category on G2?

According to G2, “Presales software helps presales professionals such as sales engineers, solutions architects, and solution consultants engage with prospective customers and demonstrate a product's capabilities, as well as better manage their activities”.

Not all presales products are equal

Not every product in the presales category has the same use case. For example, Vivun helps streamline communications crossteam, Tolstoy is a video platform, and Demostack empowers SEs to customize demos and ultimately replace your demo environment.

How did Demostack become a presales leader?

It’s not surprising that we’ve become a presales leader on the G2 Grid, with customers satisfaction attributes like:

93% – Quality of support.

96% – Ease of doing business with.

85% – Ease of setup.

94% – Meets requirements.

95% – Ease of use.

90% – Ease of admin

And these numbers are significantly higher than those of our peers.

What makes our customers happy according to G2?

The reviews on G2 reveal why our customers love Demostack. Here are five benefits our users have discussed publicly via G2 reviews:

Replace our demo environment – No need for R&D and Product to build and maintain a demo environment. SEs have the independence to clone and customize themselves.

Showcase our product perfectly every time – Easy to show value to buyers with tailored customizable demos that can be built in minutes.

Multiple demo templates for every use case – After SEs build templates, they can trust AEs to deliver micro demos for buyers’ specific use cases. This in turn saves SEs from joining unqualified meetings.

No-code cloning process that captures everything – The simplicity of capturing every element of your product with a few simple clicks enables non-technical reps to prepare a customized demo on the fly.

Amazing customer service and support – We, at Demostack, hired the best CSMs and CS any company could ask for. Customer reviews on G2 seem to agree.

Voice of the customer

Don’t take our word for it. Here are five customer testimonial snippets we identified from combing our recent reviews:

  1. “The cloning process is unparalleled. Within 10-15 minutes we can clone our entire environment and we can also update it with incremental changes. Once cloned, we can edit our demo in many ways and with little work.” Yoni F, Solutions Director
  2. “Innovative cloning process that is simply the best and outperforms any other platform on the market. Capturing every single element of your entire environment with ease!” Bryan C. Manager, Partner Success
  3. “Stable application environment with the ability to create multiple use cases… Relationship management and customer advocacy are very strong.” Mike W, Solution Consulting Director
  4. “Demostack makes it easy to create scenarios that model real-life product uses.” Adam G, Product Evangelist
  5. “Demostack has helped us improve how we showcase our product and make the value easy to demonstrate.” Anonymous

Interested in seeing all the Demostack reviews on G2? You can find them here.

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