Hunters replaces demo environment with Demostack and shortens sales cycle

Customer Story

Learn how Hunters replaced their demo environment and shortened their sales cycle with Demostack.


  • Homegrown demo environment was unpredictable on live sales calls, with various teams running tests and making changes without coordination. Shared access also made security a challenge for sensitive data, with too much room for human error.
  • Data in the demo environment took too much time to update with multiple cross-team dependencies making the product story look outdated.
  • Strategic partners and sellers needed a contained demo environment for showcasing, especially during trade show seasons.
  • POCs were lengthy and complex, requiring a ton of customer education to get a deal over the line.

Demostack Value

  • With Demostack, Hunters is able to spin up a demo environment in minutes that’s contained, predictable, and secure.
  • The Hunters team can easily keep dates fresh inside Demostack.
  • Strategic partners now have a predictable demo environment, and Hunters gets visibility into their usage, product storytelling, and demo performance.
  • Sellers leverage Demostack to give demos at trade shows with a stable instance and compelling story.
  • Sandbox environments help sales close deals without a POC.

About Hunters

Hunters’ SOC platform empowers security teams to automatically identify and respond to incidents that matter across their entire attack surface. Through built-in detection engineering, data correlation, and automatic investigation, they help teams overcome volume, complexity, and false positives. Hunters mitigates real threats faster and more reliably than SIEMs, ultimately reducing customers' overall security risk.

Before Demostack

Hunters was using an unpredictable demo environment with many cooks in the kitchen that created a ton of headaches across their organization, and unwanted surprises during live demos. Like most company demo environments, the environment was created years earlier, so all the events and incidents in the demo start to become outdated, and require a lot of filtering to find the right stories. It was also a shared environment with many teams across the company  including non-sales functions, leading to awkward moments during live demos when their content went missing. Strategic partners faced similar issues, making showcasing the Hunters platform a challenge.

Shared access to the demo environment also made security tricky, particularly at trade shows. Sellers needed to be able to get to the aha moment in the 3-5 minutes they had with a prospect on the floor, without showing any sensitive information by mistake - and without the help of an SE at their side for every conversation.

The Solution

With an extensive background in solutions engineering, Joe Buchanan is no stranger to the headache and complexities of spinning up and maintaining a homegrown demo environment.

“I was sold on Demostack within the first 20 minutes of walking through it just knowing all the pain points I’ve had over the years of standing up a demo environment. You’re constantly having to chase down other teams  to keep it updated with fresh data and content, and the maintenance becomes just as time consuming as setting it up in the first place. I haven’t seen any other tools that come close to the value that Demostack provides,” said Buchanan.

Today, Hunters is leveraging Demostack to:

  • Replace their homegrown demo environment with one that lets them deliver compelling, predictable demos on a day-to-day basis
  • Provide strategic partners with a contained demo environment, while gaining visibility into how it’s being used, how far along the demo storyboard they’re going, and where they’re getting hung up
  • Allow AEs to deliver compelling, stable, and secure demos at trade shows without the help of an SE
  • Shorten the sales cycle by enabling buyers with a leave-behind demo environment

Buchanan shared, “I would 100% recommend Demostack to anyone looking to spend less time on demo admin and upkeep, and more time on strategic deals. Coming from someone who’s built many demo environments over the years, there’s a huge ROI on the time saved on setup and maintenance with Demostack.”

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