Hunters replaces demo environment with Demostack and shortens sales cycle

Customer Story

Learn how Hunters reduced its sales cycle by half with Demostack Sandboxes.


  • Extended sales cycles, mostly due to the POC stage
  • Resource-heavy POCs
  • Increased FinOps cost on spinning up POC environments
  • Homegrown demo environment
  • ​​​​Strategic partners need for a controlled demo environment

Demostack Value

  • 50% reduction in many sales cycles: By creating a new POC motion only made possible with Demostack’s demo Sandbox tech, customers can get a look and feel for Hunter’s product without doing a full POC that needs integrations set up
  • Optimized FinOps cost: With unlimited Demostack Sandboxes at their disposal, Hunters don't need to connect to their prospect’s cloud environments leading to significant savings
  • Predictable and secure demo environment: Presales, sales, and partners now don’t need to depend on R&D or product to update their demo environment, rather presales can manage it themselves
  • Optimized use of presales resources: Instead of spendings weeks setting up a POC, Hunter’s sales engineers can focus on demos and moving the POC forward.
  • Improved prospect prioritization: Sandbox analytics gives Hunters insight into how serious a customer is and what should be covered in every meeting

Before Demostack

Hunters, a leader in SOC cybersecurity platforms, faced a common industry challenge: extended sales cycles due to the necessity of a Proof of Concept (POC). Traditional POCs, crucial for validating the effectiveness of cybersecurity solutions, often involved lengthy setups, integration complexities, costly setup, and significant resource allocation. This process not only slowed down sales momentum but also introduced risks and uncertainties into the sales pipeline.

The Solution

A new POC motion (Express POC):

With Demostack, Hunters can send a Sandbox leave-behind to prospects avoiding the need to manually set up a custom POC. By effectively addressing the challenges of traditional POCs, Hunters not only accelerated their sales cycles but also improved resource efficiency, reduced costs, and significantly enhanced the customer evaluation experience. Now Hunters can deliver immediate value without prospects needing to wait any time.

Monthly FinOps savings

Companies don’t even realize the amount of money they are spending on spinning up POC and demo environments. With unlimited Demostack Sandboxes at their disposal, Hunters can avoid paying large cloud fees for every prospect.

Presales demo environment autonomy

The dependency on R&D or product teams for demo environment updates has been eliminated.

Presales can leverage Demostack and own the demo environment themselves. This makes everyone happier.

Partners have a dependable demo environment

Channel sales partners now have a secure and predictable demo where they can confidently showcase Hunter’s product in the first call.

About Hunters

Hunters’ SOC platform empowers security teams to automatically identify and respond to incidents that matter across their entire attack surface. Through built-in detection engineering, data correlation, and automatic investigation, they help teams overcome volume, complexity, and false positives. Hunters mitigates real threats faster and more reliably than SIEMs, ultimately reducing customers' overall security risk. Check out their product tour they built with Demostack.

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