One-Click Demo Playbooks

Demo Management & Enablement

Sales and enablement leaders can equip their teams with the training, tools, and demo assets they need to close deals.

Launch your demo presentation in one-click

Say goodbye to the hassle of mundane demo presentation tasks. Like opening multiple sales decks, signing into multiple demos, or fumbling with mobile connections. Instead, empower your teams to effortlessly launch tailored demos, sales decks, integration demonstrations, and mobile demos with one-click.

Bundle all demo presentation assets

Gain control of demo management by centralizing all demo assets together and letting sales launch them with one-click.

  • Any website page - PDFs included
  • Sales decks
  • Product tours
  • Customized demos
  • Integration demos
  • Mobile demos

Delight prospects with an extra layer of personalization

Sales can take custom demo playbooks to the next level by adding an extra layer of personalization.

Before every call, every sales person can easily impress the prospect by personalizing their name and company logo in the demo.

No more embarrassing pop-up notifications!

Ensure you and your team averts horror stories by automatically muting Slack, text, Team notifications during demo presentations.

Stay professional by only screen sharing your Demostack desktop app which has all the demo presentation assets you need.

You can also add mobile demos to your desktop app, without needing to connect a physical phone.

How Demostack can work for your team

  1. Demostack for


    Make the live demo count, and win more deals faster.

  2. Demostack for


    Enable buyers to self-educate with guided product tours.

  3. Partnerships

    Let partners promote your product with on-the-rails demos.

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