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Author: Barry Mueller
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Demostack’s new integration with Salesforce helps you translate raw demo data into real business value more effectively than ever before.

In this article, we’ll show some information you can pull from Demostack into Salesforce. Then we'll explain how you can interpret that data and upgrade your processes in real-time. So, you can squeeze every bit of value out of Demostack and level up your demo operations.

Fast-track your way to the perfect pitch

Our new Salesforce integration lets you pull demo, tour, and sandbox data from Demostack directly into your CRM. When you can see all your CRM data coupled with new demo data in one place, you’ll quickly learn what’s working and what’s not working in your demos and your demo process. Imagine if you could find out how many demos it takes to increase your win rate or at which part of the sales cycle your demos are most effective. Or, if you have customized demo templates, consider how helpful it would be to understand which templates are the most effective to close a deal.

Create more A+ players

With this integration, you can not only determine what a great demo process looks like but also WHO gives the best demos. You will also be able to see who your A+ players are and who aren’t, so you can enable those B and C players to be better.

With all of this added visibility, management will be able to optimize the demo process more efficiently than ever before.

Allocating presales work effectively

With Demostack and Salesforce, you'll be able to actively allocate your presales resources more appropriately.

Today, many customers customize different demo templates for various scenarios. When you create different demo templates for every persona, company size, industry, and pain point, you can slice and dice your data from every angle.

Discover, for example, which industry needs the fewest SE resources to get to a win. If you learn that selling to Finance companies takes fewer resources than selling to Health companies, and both get you the same payoff,  you should prioritize selling to finance companies. And, you can analyze in real-time if your SE resources are, in fact, being allocated appropriately.

Import crucial insights from a tour or sandbox leave-behind

With our sandbox leave-behind, you can uncover crucial details about prospects throughout the sales cycle, and now you can import that data into Salesforce. You’ll see how serious your champions are, and if they do share it, you will reveal who the other key players are. Plus, you’ll see which features each stakeholder cares about.

By putting this data into Salesforce, your team can set up workflows to help accelerate deals. For example, with automatic email or Slack notifications, your team will know when a prospect is HOT. The same goes for product Tours.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, this new update helps you turn crucial insights into business value. More than just a method for overcoming tool fatigue, this integration is the key to telling better stories.

It’s time to streamline demo operations and drive outsized returns for your organization. Let us know how you plan to get value from the Demostack and Salesforce integration.

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