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Mobile demos

We're excited to reveal our brand new solution: mobile demos. This is a big deal for us because, as we all know, our phones are becoming more and more central to everything we do, not just in our personal lives but in business too.

Even companies that deal with other businesses are finding that having a good mobile app can really set them apart from the competition.

Ready to learn how it works? Let’s dive in.

Why demoing mobile apps is difficult?

Showing off a mobile app during a presentation or sales call can be tricky. It can feel like you need a bit of magic just to get everything to work right.

And it's not just about the physical setup. Most of the time, the tools we have to share our phone screens are meant more for developers who are testing apps, not for people trying to make a sale. They can be pretty unreliable, and the last thing you want is for something to go wrong in the middle of an important demo.

Another big issue is using your own phone for these demos. Most of us have personal stuff on our phones, and getting a bunch of notifications while you're trying to show something professional isn't a great look. Plus, there's always a chance you might accidentally show something private or sensitive.

Because of all these problems, a lot of companies end up limiting who can do these mobile demos, or they just stick to using screenshots and slides, which isn't nearly as engaging as a live demo.

So, that's why we're bringing in mobile demos. We want to make it easier and more effective to show off our apps, without all the hassle and risk of things going wrong.

How Demostack’s mobile demos work

Demostack is all about bringing ideas to life through demonstrations, and today, we're excited to walk you through how our mobile demos work.

So, let's take something you're probably familiar with–Twitter, or as it's known now, X. First, you'll have to it set up in the Demostack app, which isn't just any old browser. This thing is designed specifically for doing complex demos where need you to juggle multiple accounts and different products and keep everything aligned nicely.

You open up a new tab, which is basically a virtual phone that runs right in the cloud. This setup lets you show the product exactly how you'd use a real phone, but it's all happening within our app. You can swipe, tap, and use apps just like on a real phone, but it's all clean and set up just for the demo, so there are no distractions.

But showing off a mobile app on its own isn't enough. We want you to be able to demo how it works together with the main app you're using. So, let's say you want to show live interaction between Twitter on your virtual mobile and the main app. You can send a direct message from one account to another, and you can see the notification pop up and the message appear in real time. It's like showing off a magic trick where everything's connected and happening live.

In other words, it’s about bringing the whole experience to life for your team, with each person getting their own cloud-based phone to explore.

Who will use these mobile demos?

Our demo tech can really change the game for businesses, especially those that have teams out in the field using mobile apps for stuff like taking orders or providing services. Other times, customers are looking to show off a side app that works hand-in-hand with their main office software.

Imagine being able to show exactly how someone in the field might deal with an issue like taking care of a customer's request or completing a job right from their phone. With our demo, you get a real feel for how these interactions will play out.

And the best part? It's super consistent. The demo phone works the same way every time, it's quick, and nobody has to learn anything new to use it. It's just like using a regular phone but without any of the usual glitches or delays. This makes it a breeze for anyone to demonstrate the app's features, giving a clear picture of how it can make day-to-day tasks smoother and more efficient.

Edits on mobile demos

One of the coolest things about Demostack is that it lets you make a clone of any app environment and then edit stuff in it. This used to be something you could only do on websites, but now we've brought this superpower to mobile apps too. So if you have a version of the company Twitter profile set up in Demostack that's live but not the real deal, you can mess with it and the changes won't affect the actual Twitter account.

For example, in a cloned version of Twitter, when we look up the Demostack profile, it doesn't have to show the real Twitter stats. Instead, it can show whatever numbers we want to put there. So, we could make it look like we have a whopping 999 million followers, just to show off what's possible.

This cloning feature is awesome for making demos feel personal and relevant to whomever you're showing them. You don't need to do anything fancy; it works just like any other demo but now you can tailor it to fit the demo's context perfectly.

With Demostack's mobile demos, you're not just showing how an app works, you're creating a unique, interactive experience that can be customized on the spot to make your demos stand out and resonate more with your audience.

And guess what? We're in the process of getting this technology patented. That's right, it's so new and different that we're the only ones doing it right now. We think that's pretty awesome. It's not just about being the first; it's about changing the game for how mobile app demos are done, making them way more interactive and suited to what you need.

Summary of mobile demos

Gone are the days of relying on screenshots or hooking up your phone to give a demo. With our mobile demos, showing off your app is easier than ever.

When you use an actual phone for a demo, there's always a chance something unexpected could pop up. With Demostack, those worries are a thing of the past. This simplicity is a big deal because it means anyone on your team, no matter how big, can do a mobile demo without any hassle.

You can also use Demostack to show how a web app and a mobile app work together. This is important for a lot of people we talk to. Plus, there's this awesome feature where you can share a link to a demo sandbox after your presentation. This lets people try out the app for themselves without having to install anything, which is pretty handy.

One cool way our customers are using this is in their RFPs (Requests for Proposals). When they're competing for business and talking about their mobile app, they can now include a link to the demo. Let's be real, no one wants to go through the hassle of installing an app just to check it out for an RFP. Demostack makes it easy for potential clients to see what the app is all about without any extra steps.

How can you learn more about Demostack’s mobile demos?

We're rolling out the beta version of our newest feature. What this means for you is that you can now head over to our special section for mobile, and hit the "get a demo" button to dive in. This button will take you straight to a page where you can get all the details and sign up to try out demoing your mobile app with us.

Since we're just in the beta phase, we're looking to test things out. That means we'll need to give your app a run-through to make sure everything's working smoothly. Depending on your app and what you're looking to do, we might be able to get you set up right away, or it might take a little tweaking. But either way, we're super keen to start testing with as many apps as possible.

If you've got a mobile app you're itching to demo, we want to hear from you. Reach out, and let's make it happen together.

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