Mobile demos: Phone not required

Mobile App Demos (Beta)

Your product demo isn’t complete without showing your mobile app. It’s finally time to demo it with ease and professionalism.

How to demo your app from your laptop?

Upload app

Search for and upload your app into Demostack. Do it once, everyone can avoid connecting a mobile phone forever. No R&D needed.

Tailor the product story

Customize the content to your buyer’s use case, persona, or vertical.

Showcase and share

Deliver personalized live demos and let buyers play around with your app on their terms with a Sandbox and Tour leave-behind.

Mobile demos, the missing ingredient in your sales motion

Until today, demoing your mobile app could prove difficult or even impossible, resulting in missed revenue opportunities. This is a shame, considering that your mobile app may set your sales motion apart and serve as a key competitive advantage.

Equip your sales team with everything they need to win deals - including the ability to demo your mobile app.

Launch cable-free, phone-free mobile app demos in seconds

Today, even if your sales team can demo their mobile app, it's not easy. Cable connections and 3rd-party apps can lead to broken demos. During mobile demos, unprofessional home screens and embarrassing notifications can derail a deal.

With Demostack, set up your mobile demo once for the whole org, empowering sales to showcase your mobile app without the need for repetitive setups. Demo it alongside your web app demos from one unified platform that is built for demoing. No distractions or pop-ups.

Feature breakdown

Without Demostack
Phone-free mobile demos
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Checked icon
Set up your mobile demo once for the whole org
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Checked icon
1-click mobile demo launch
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Checked icon
Customize mobile demos
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Checked icon
Show your web app side by side with your mobile app
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Checked icon
Show a mobile demo with admin view and user view
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Share a mobile demo leave-behind
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Frequently Asked Questions

To demo your mobile app with Demostack, you'll need to perform a one-time implementation. Demostack will generate a shareable link for your mobile app. This link can then be used alongside web app demos. This one-time implementation frees sales from connecting a mobile phone forever. No R&D needed.

Sharing your mobile app during a demo is straightforward. Utilize the shareable link created with Demostack and perform a screen share from your desktop. This allows you to showcase both your web app and mobile app side-by-side in real-time.

No, you don't need a mobile phone for demos with Demostack. You can launch cable-free, phone-free mobile app demos in seconds.

Absolutely. After a call with a prospect, you can create and send a Demostack Sandbox link. This enables your champion and other stakeholders to independently explore the app without your presence in the room.

Yes, you can demo your web app's mobile interface using Demostack.

No, you can use any web conferencing tool that supports desktop screen sharing. There's no need to log in separately from your mobile phone and desktop app.

Currently, our beta product is designed for Android apps. However, if you have an iOS app, please still reach out, and we can explore compatibility options.

If showcasing integrations with third-party apps is essential for your demo, feel free to talk to us to see if we can accommodate your requirements.

Yes, you can seamlessly demonstrate the interaction between your web app and mobile app from a single screen. There's no need to switch between tabs.

During the beta phase, our sales engineers will handle customizing your mobile app content for the demo.

No. Your app source code is not required.

Security is a priority for Demostack. We are certified SOC 2 Type I and Type II.

Demostack offers dedicated customer support and resources to assist you with any issues or questions you may have while using our platform.

Demostack's pricing structure may vary depending on your specific needs and usage. See our pricing page.

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