Demostack: A new frontier with Overlay


Author: Barry Mueller
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We are continuing our mission to architect the next generation of product storytelling.

Today, we’re introducing a suite of new features and updated capabilities that allow admins and editors to mask their production environment with an Overlay of edits.

How does it work?

Plug your URL in Demostack, add an overlay of edits, and save it as a template. No code or cloning needed.

Sounds simple? It is.

If you have used Google Chrome's Inspect Element tools, the output is similar - except with Demostack, you can save edits and reuse those product story templates over and over again.

Demostack extending its tech

With Demostack, there are now multiple ways to build a demo for the live sales use case.

Until today, our unparalleled cloning capabilities fueled our early success. When you clone, you create an independent demo environment that can be edited with no code.

Now with today’s release, you can also add an Overlay of edits on top of your production environment.

New use cases

Cloning allows SEs to create a reliable, independent demo environment for their team to demo off. It helps make SE ensure that demos are consistent and do not contain any surprises. But because the environment is not connected to the app’s backend, it has some limitations. That’s where today’s release comes in.

With Overlay, now you can:

  • Show real-time data
  • Show the latest product updates
  • Show your chatbot
  • Show search functionality
  • Manage persistent sessions (eg. Shopping carts)

Demo HQ

With Demostack, you have your demo assets, tools, and analytics in one place.

  • Enable buyers to self-educate with guided product walk-throughs
  • Mask your existing environment with a story that resonates on every live demo
  • Scale your demo operation with an independent demo environment built for showcasing & sharing

With Demostack, you can scale your demo operation and win more deals faster. No wonder Demostack is the only demo solution that’s a Leader on G2.

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