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Author: Gilad Avidan
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Demostack's product journey

Demostack is committed to empowering customer-facing teams to consistently deliver exceptional product demos. Based on valuable customer feedback, we recognize that demo success lies beyond demo customization and a reliable environment. Probably, no surprise to you, but it’s also about equipping sales teams with the right tools and guidance to deliver the best demo presentation.

Challenges Before the Live Demo Call

Launching a demo can be compared to preparing for a football game, demanding meticulous preparation to be ready for every play call. Yet a coach wants his or her players to be also agile enough to switch up the play if it does not go as planned.

Many sales teams face extensive checklists before a call to prepare for the live demo.


  • Signing into multiple product platforms
  • Adding the right sales deck slides
  • Muting notifications
  • Prepping their mobile phone
  • Setting up integrations
  • Waiting for custom demos
  • Clearing cookies
  • Making sure that demos are up-to-date
  • I could go on

All this manual prep makes complex demos a potential nightmare. When demo enablement is ignored entirely, sales becomes the wild west. Sales teams aren't even sure which demo assets they need to prepare for meetings making complex demos quite difficult to deliver in a professional and consistent way. Honestly, the entire demo operation is a mess. Check out this guide, to learn about other hurdles in the demo operation.

Demo Playbooks: Your Solution to Better Demos

The demo operation is challenging. How can we make it simpler? How can we make it more predictable with less surprises? One of those ways is through Demo Playbooks. Now, with just one click, sales can launch everything needed for a complete demo, from custom demos to mobile demos, tours, and URLs. No timeouts and no need to sign-in to multiple platforms. Setting up a demo should be as easy as buying a product on Amazon.

Demostack Product Journey

Demo Playbooks pave the way for a more efficient sales process, eliminating the complexities associated with demo preparation. It also gives the sales team the flexibility to “audible” out of the planned demo and present something else.

Playbooks eliminate the need for AEs or any sales person to manually set up a demo before a call. Each Demo Playbook can be customized by vertical, persona, and segment, enabling teams to tell a compelling, predictable, and consistent story. When companies customize, they simply win more deals. Dave Greene, an SE leader at Gainsight contributes an 8% increase in win-rate when they customize.

Demo content management is a mess today

In working with thousands of startups and enterprises, we've observed a lack of uniformity in demo management approaches. In general, one demo is easy to access, but no other demos. Many times, demo managers (whoever they may be) try to repurpose their content management systems for product demos. Unfortunately in these systems, passwords get lost, multi-product demos links become overwhelming, and the latest releases aren’t up-to-date.

With other companies, running the demo is learned from tribal knowledge.

Demostack: Empowering Sales Enablement

Sales enablement should start with demos, and our technology supports sales enablement leaders and demo managers in unleashing their teams' potential. Demo Libraries (or demo zones if we keep up the football analogy) and Playbooks, not only house custom demo assets but also bundle them with URLs and other essential components, bridging a crucial gap for today's customer-facing teams. The Playbooks serve as a single source of demo truth to the sales team, always updated whenever the demo flow changes.

The future of Demostack

As a product-first company, we continue to launch products that our prospects and customers are asking for. We pride ourselves on listening to the customer’s voice and are happy to see customers embrace the tools that help them streamline and win more sales.

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