The Demo Operation Playbook


Demoing is an operation, just like product and revenue ops. So what if we actually treated it that way? Demostack and PreSales Collective have teamed up to bring you the ultimate playbook to transform your demo operation into a GTM machine.

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What you‘ll learn

  1. Ready-to-use, tailored demo assets

    Your sales organization should have a demo gallery to pull from on the spot with assets that fit their audience and deal stage. Learn which assets are best used where, and how to tailor them.

  2. Enablement

    Most companies are underutilizing their GTM team as product storytellers, and this is a missed opportunity. We'll cover how to level them up to demo with confidence, so your SCs don't need to spend valuable time on every demo request.

  3. Demo data

    When done right, demo data should be a new source for sales insights, opening what has, until now, been a black box. We'll cover what questions your demo data should answer, and how to leverage those insights to create a more efficient sales motion.

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