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Enable sellers with custom demos at scale

Accelerate revenue and track deal-winning insights with the world’s first demo experience platform.

Your silver bullet for revenue acceleration? Better demos.

Enable sales with great demos

Give sellers the tools they need to customize every demo and win more deals.

Make your team more productive

Tailored demos are tedious work, but Demostack turns weeks into minutes.

Increase win rate

Showcase your product’s value on every demo, and watch your win rate go up and to the right.

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Enabling sellers to design tailored product demos promotes confidence and showcases Yotpo's value utilizing realistic examples. In doing so, our prospects are able to visualize precisely how they will be interacting with Yotpo on a daily basis. This helps accelerate deals through the sales funnel and provides agency partners with a valuable tool to use when speaking with their clients about Yotpo's commerce marketing platform.

-Tsvika Vishnievsky,
VP of Revenue Operations at Yotpo

“Wow – I really love what I am seeing with Demostack, it provides a ton of value. It was really hard and time consuming to add individual data points to demos. Demostack solves this and so many other trial problems we've been having. It just makes so much sense.”

-Raz Nimrodi,
Global Head of Sales Enablement and BD at Hibob

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