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Author: Barry Mueller

Demostack’s new integration with HubSpot provides unprecedented visibility into prospective buyers. You can send leads from embedded product tours directly into your Marketing Hub, gather new buyer engagement data, and prioritize the deals that really matter. So your entire go-to-market team can function like a well-oiled machine.

In this article, we’ll show you how the integration works and discuss some of the reasons it is invaluable to teams using HubSpot.

Capture demand and top up your pipeline

The Demostack-HubSpot integration allows you to capture demand from your website, blog posts, landing pages, and social media posts and push the data into your Marketing Hub.

Create a product tour to show the feature you’d like to highlight, and embed the tour in any piece of content. Then gate it behind a simple form so you can capture the contact details of whoever is interested. When the lead hits HubSpot, your sales team can follow up in real time just like they would with any other leads. Better yet, they’ll know how high the intent of the lead is and which features interest the team most.

This integration takes the technical headache out of the equation. That is to say that instead of manually importing leads using a spreadsheet, you can simply add the tour to your website from HubSpot and watch the leads flow in.

Everything else will sync automatically. You can just set it and forget it. No stress needed.

Extract buyer engagement data effortlessly

Any data you collect from product tours will automatically become a Hubspot contact. So, you can make sure that the sales and marketing team will see which features the lead has viewed, whether there are additional key decision-makers who weren’t on the initial call and who they are, and even when people left the product tour.

With this added buyer engagement data, your sales team will have far more leverage going into a conversation. They can start a demo by highlighting a preferred feature or explaining a complicated workflow that might have caused confusion. Or, they could request that certain team members join the call to accelerate the process.

Unlike marketers, who can measure everything from time on page and scroll rate to clicks and conversions, sales teams have far less data. There may be limited publicly available information about a company, especially if it’s small or privately owned, and the information that is available might be out-of-date. So it’s often very difficult for sales teams to identify a prospect’s specific needs and even harder to personalize their approach.

Even when a marketing team does a great job of tracking user journeys, sales teams typically need a discovery call before a demo call just to collect the basic information they need to craft a compelling pitch.

Now though, sales teams can analyze activity on the product tours and sandboxes to gather crucial insights before ever even logging into Zoom.

Qualify, Prioritize. Forecast. (Repeat)

When you’re lucky enough to have a robust marketing funnel, prioritization can be tricky. Take on too many leads and you’ll quickly overwhelm your sales teams. But, qualify too strictly, and you may risk rejecting great opportunities.

Many teams opt for the former.

As a result, demand for presales has surged, not only in the demo but throughout the buyer lifecycle. As B2B technology has become increasingly complex, so has the sales cycle. Presales professionals serve as buyer coaches and stay engaged long past the point the deal initially closes.

The Demostack-HubSpot integration can relieve some of that burden.

When you leverage Demostack’s products to qualify prospects, both your SEs and your sales reps can spend more time focusing on what really matters–selling.

For example, if multiple team members are active in a sandbox, including members of leadership, you’ll know that the team is probably ready to discuss a deal seriously and mobilize quickly.

Better yet, since everything will be synced in HubSpot, you won’t have to ever switch platforms or remember to manually import data. And, with more data on buyer intent, it will be far easier to accurately forecast your quarterly revenue.

Final thoughts

An integration between Demostack and HubSpot means that your presales operations can be perfectly seamless. All of the buyer engagement data you collect from product tours, sandboxes, and demos will flow effortlessly into Hubspot.

So, everyone in your go-to-market team can gain greater visibility into the viability of any given deal. And, it will be easier than ever to keep everyone on the same page.

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