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In the world of software product demonstrations, the importance of dummy data cannot be overstated. When our customers want to buy us to customize their demos to tell a better story, they are usually referring to making it easier to add and customize dummy data. Dummy data, often referred to as demo data, plays a crucial role in showcasing the capabilities of a product.

In this blog post, we'll explore what dummy data is, how it is used in demos, who is responsible for incorporating it into demo environments, the complexity of the process, and the significance of quality dummy data. Additionally, we'll delve into the innovative use of AI Data Generators, particularly within Demostack, and provide alternatives for those without access to this platform.

What is Dummy Data?

Dummy data, also known as demo data, is simulated information that mimics the characteristics of real data but generally lacks any meaningful content. Its purpose is to provide a representative sample for testing, development, and, most notably, for creating realistic demonstrations of software applications.

Who is responsible for incorporating Dummy Data into demo environments?

The task of integrating dummy data into demo environments typically falls on the shoulders of developers, product managers, or demo managers, who usually also do presales. These individuals need to carefully curate data that accurately represents the product's functionality while avoiding sensitive or confidential information.

Is adding Dummy Data hard?

The process of adding dummy data to demo environments can be complex, depending on the intricacies of the product being demonstrated. Factors such as data structure, relationships, and volume must be considered to ensure a seamless and authentic representation of the product.

Now, if you multiply this complex process to multiple demo instances, it starts becoming overwhelming. Leading many companies to make only one or a few tailored demo instances or not even try to customize demo instances.

What are the Characteristics of Good Dummy Data?

Quality dummy data is a key factor in successful demos. Good dummy data should resemble real-world scenarios, cover a variety of use cases, and reflect the potential challenges users might face. Striking the right balance between complexity and simplicity is essential for creating a compelling demonstration. When dummy data does not mirror the challenges of a prospect, then it really is dumb data and not so helpful to the salesperson telling their product’s story

How You Can Scale Dummy Data with AI Data Generator by Demostack

Demostack, a platform designed for product demonstrations, offers an AI Data Generator powered by Open AI’s product GPT-4 Turbo. It empowers companies to transform their dummy data into smart data. This tool simplifies the process of generating realistic data sets, ensuring that demos are not only visually appealing but also provide an accurate representation of the product's capabilities. Since it is so easy to use, demo managers can create hundreds of demo templates (or instances) for their sales team. Imagine a demo template for every persona, segment, and industry. The options are limitless.

Alternatives: Top Mock Data Generators

For those without access to Demostack (starting price is $15K), several other mock data generators can be employed to achieve results outside of Demostack. Check out these three companies:


  • Mockaroo is a powerful online tool that allows users to generate a variety of dummy data, including names, addresses, emails, and more. It supports customization and provides APIs for integration into different environments.


  • This easy-to-use API generates random user data, including names, addresses, and profile pictures. With a simple HTTP request, developers can obtain diverse and realistic dummy data for their demos.


  • A popular library available in multiple programming languages, Faker enables developers to create customized dummy data with ease. It offers localization for various regions and is widely used in testing and development.

In the realm of product demonstrations, the role of dummy data is pivotal. Whether through advanced AI Data Generators like the one provided by Demostack or other mock data generators, the ability to scale dummy data into smart data is crucial for creating compelling and realistic demos. As technology continues to evolve, these tools will play an increasingly important role in ensuring that demonstrations accurately reflect the potential of the products they represent.

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