The leave-behind Sandbox: Your secret to buyer enablement


Author: Barry Mueller
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It’s no secret that organizations will be reigning in their spend on unnecessary software in today’s new economic environment. Only the tools bringing true business value will make the cut, and that means sellers can’t stick to the status quo pitch and sales process. In order to get the attention of budget-conscious buyers, sellers will need to enable those buyers with assets that help them understand the value your product delivers, gain the buy-in of other internal stakeholders, and make it easy for them to buy. So how is it done? Enter Sandboxes.

What is a leave-behind Sandbox?

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of our new sharing feature so you can give your champion a leave-behind demo environment to explore after the live demo. No more one-pagers, screenshots, slide decks, or fact sheets - this is a fully functioning sandbox where your champion can play around in a demo environment full of content tailored to their use case and business. And it's a game changer for letting your value proposition echo beyond the live demo.

See this feature now, through a guided demo!

Get the product into your customer’s hands faster

A traditional enterprise sales motion usually goes something like this…Buyer does research on a solution, and requests a demo on the website, only to get on the phone with an SDR trying to make sure they’ve got budget, authority, need, and a timeline. Sure enough, they fit the BANT criteria and book a call with an AE who, they’re told, can share more about how the product works. But that second call consists of more discovery questions so they can make sure to show a solution that solves their needs… on the next call.

That’s three calls before your prospect ever even sees the product, let alone try it out themselves.

Simply put, buyer expectations have changed. They just want to get their hands on the product ASAP and understand if it fits their needs.

And that’s where sharing your demo environment comes in. Let’s say you’ve just given a flawless live demo, and your prospect asks if they can play around a bit themselves to better understand how it works. You can now share the demo environment you just presented as a leave-behind, so they can play around in a sandbox on their terms.

Consider it a tool to bridge the gap between product-led growth and the enterprise sales motion.

An immersive, tailored product experience

The trial in a sales process can be immensely helpful when done right. But if the experience looks like an empty shell of a product, your buyer might get lost or confused on how to use it. Confusion always leads to a “no,” so if your trials aren’t converting to Closed Wons, it might be time to rethink how your product is showcased at that deal stage.

We talk about the importance of storytelling a lot here at Demostack, and this new feature is no exception. In fact, a strong product story in the leave-behind might be even more important than in the live demo, since you don’t have a talk track over what they’re seeing on their screen.

That’s why we’ve made it easy to curate the content inside your demo leave-behind to fit your buyer’s needs, persona, and use case. That way, they get immersed in a product experience that hits home on exactly what they’re trying to solve for, rather than an empty skeleton. When the experience is personalized to their business, value becomes a no brainer.

Make your champion look like a hero with other stakeholders

If you’ve got a champion fighting to bring your solution to their org, amazing news. But don’t take that for granted. That person is likely risking their credibility and trust to push for buying your solution. After all, if they do buy it and it flops, that’s not a good look for your champion.

Our shared demo allows you to make your champion not only gain buy-in from other stakeholders, but look like a hero in the process. With a perfectly curated demo leave-behind, that value story still comes through even for those who weren’t on the call, making it easy for them to see why this solution is worth the investment.

Gain deal-winning insights

The cool part about sharing a leave-behind? You can track who’s viewing what, which features are most important to them, and who might influence the buying decision. Think about it like digital discovery to prepare for your next call - if you can understand who’s involved and what’s most valuable to them, you can tailor your talk track on the next call to just that.

Accelerate your deal cycle

All of these benefits ladder to one core idea: buyer enablement accelerates your deal cycle. When you make it easy for them to experience the product and understand its value faster, your sales cycle gets shorter. Much shorter. A shared demo allows you to build upon the momentum of an amazing demo with a Sandbox that brings that value story home, even long after you’ve hopped off the Zoom link.

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