10 Sales Communities Young Sales Professionals Should Join Today


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Open up your favorite note-taking app and read closely - we’ve rounded up the 10 best sales communities where you can connect with real sales pros and level up your game.

Included in this list are some large groups with thousands of followers, and some smaller groups with just a few hundred close-knit members. Following larger groups can be helpful for asking questions and getting a broad range of answers, while membership in smaller groups can connect you with others in your specific community, affinity group, or field.

We’ve done the research so you don’t have to - these are, in no particular order, 10 of the best sales communities to join, engage, and grow with today.

10 Sales communities to join in 2024

1. RevOps Co-op

2,400+ members

RevOps Co-op is trusted by over 2,400 sales professionals from respected companies like Slack, Lyft, Stack Overflow, Clari, and Miro, this group, created by Funnel IQ, regularly hosts AMAs, shares video sessions, and runs a weekly newsletter that is essential reading for every sales professional.

RevOps Co-op provides resources, content, and community for those who ❤️ revenue operations. [Our] weekly newsletter features collected tweets, posts and thoughts on a variety of RevOps topics. We also have a private Slack community with > 2,400 RevOps pros from companies like Slack, Lyft, Clari, Miro, and more.

2. Women in Tech Sales

1,500+ members

Female salespeople in the tech industry looking to connect with other women in the field should consider joining Women in Tech Sales, a LinkedIn-based group. Women in Tech Sales offers an online forum and gathering place for female tech sales experts to form stronger networks, build relationships, and discuss tricks of the trade. Here’s their brief description from LinkedIn:

This group is for women who work in sales. It is meant to be a place for women in sales to connect with each other, support each other, and learn from each other.

3. National Sales Network

50k+ members

The National Sales Network (NSN) is a huge community for sales professionals, run by CEO David Richardson. According to their About Us page, NSN was formed in 1992 in Newark, New Jersey, and has since expanded to twenty different cities/areas from Los Angeles to New England. They hold large yearly conferences; the 2021 conference is being held in Washington, D.C. in November. Here’s a little bit about NSN, from their website:

National Sales Network (NSN) is a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit membership organization whose objective is to meet the professional and developmental needs of sales and sales management professionals and individuals who want to improve their professional sales skills...NSN [also] conducts an annual conference & career fair. The conference is attended by 1,400+ people from all major metro areas.

4. Society of Asians in Sales & Success

800+ members

The Society of Asians in Sales & Success (SASS) is an organization dedicated to uplifting Asian sales professionals and connecting them with others within the Asian-American community across the US. While the community is mostly based in Slack, they also have groups on LinkedIn and Meetup where Asian folks can build relationships and share expertise. Their Meetup group has been consistently active since October of 2020, hosting regular online events.

A little bit about SASS from their Meetup page:

We aim to see more Asian thriving in our field by empowering each other towards greater success and leadership. We hold monthly events that aim to empower careers, giving Asians in tech sales a voice and platform to empower each other, build community, carving space for our shared experience and the complexities and challenges in Asian representation in tech, [and] celebrate culture, highlighting our heritage and identity in addition to our wins and accomplishments.

5. r/Sales on Reddit

154k+ members

Reddit’s r/Sales is one of the biggest online communities for sales professionals - with over 150,000 members, you can engage with sales pros from every industry and demographic group imaginable. Reddit is so popular because of the sense of anonymity it offers (since, unlike LinkedIn, Reddit doesn’t require full names, profile pictures, or company affiliations), which can help encourage honest opinions. Here’s what r/Sales says about themselves:

[We have] everything you need to know about sales, selling, business development, lead generation, prospecting, closing and more! ...This community exists to provide everything you need to know about sales from lead generation to closing the deal.../r/Sales provides insight from sales professionals within various industries and experience levels.

6. Sales Best Practices

374k+ members

Sales Best Practices is an enormous LinkedIn group for folks in the sales field to exchange ideas. In groups as large as this one, it’s not hard to get a wide variety of opinions and answers to questions. They refer to themselves as “mainly a discussion group,” and offer a place for sales professionals to talk with like-minded people about the best techniques and processes for selling.

Here’s what they say about themselves, from their LinkedIn page:

The Sales Best Practices group is about sharing our experiences and solutions as it relates to Selling, marketing and Best Practices. Some of these topics include: Sales Development/Prospecting, Marketing, Cold Calls, Productivity, Team management, Sales Tools or Software (CRM), Business Strategy, Closing Strategies, and Recruitment.

7. Blacks Excelling in Sales and Technology

500+ members

For Black experts in sales and tech looking to connect with other Black folks in the field, Blacks Excelling in Sales and Technology (BEST) is the go-to community. This LinkedIn-based community offers Black sales and tech professionals a (virtual) space to gather and share wisdom. This group was formed in Chicago but boasts members from around the country. Co-founder Francesca Fontenot was even featured in Chicago Business’s 40 Under 40 series.

Here’s a bit about BEST from their LinkedIn page.

The Black employee resource groups at the premier tech companies (Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Salesforce, GoGo, Braintree, Uber, Spotify, Oracle & Yelp) in Chicago have aligned to form B.E.S.T - Blacks Excelling in Sales & Technology.

8. PreSales Collective

14k+ followers on LinkedIn

The PreSales Collective is an organization for pre-sales professionals to network and co-educate through discussion and webinars. While they’re a majorly Slack-based community, they also have an active LinkedIn page with over 14k followers, a blog, and a podcast run by co-founder James Kaikis. Under the PreSales Collective umbrella, they’ve also formed the Women in Solutions Excellence group (WISE), and the Diversity, Equity, Equality & Inclusion Advisory Council (DEEI).

Here’s what the PreSales Collective says about themselves and their efforts:

​There are more than 500,000 PreSales professionals globally, yet no organization has existed to support the growth and development of this group. It's time to change that. Our mission is to elevate the role of PreSales in organizations worldwide. We aim to provide PreSales professionals with the resources, knowledge, network, and mentorship to develop long, impactful careers.

9. Women in Sales Development

200+ followers on LinkedIn

Women in Sales Development is a group created by and for female SDR’s and sales managers. Women in Sales Development supports their community through both LinkedIn and in-person events, which (according to their website) happen quarterly in both in San Francisco and NYC for people of all genders. They also publish videos in their Career Development Series, where Ashley Stewart of Vendition interviews female sales pros. Here’s what Women in Sales Development says about themselves from their About page: 

Women in Sales Development is a non-profit, public benefit organization dedicated to providing the next generation of women sales leaders access to the training, networking, and career opportunities required to accelerate their careers.

10. Sales Engineers and Managers Best Practices

13k+ members

Much like the larger Sales Best Practices LinkedIn group, Sales Engineers and Managers Best Practices is focused on knowledge-sharing between sales engineers and managers, and emphasizes the necessity for conversation between professionals in the world of pre-sales. In their group rules, Sales Engineers and Managers Best Practices forbids any sort of self-advertising and job posting - this page is emphatically a thought-sharing platform, not a job board. More about the group, straight from their LinkedIn page:

The group will serve as place for technical sales team managers and members (i.e. Sales Engineers, Application Engineers, Solution Consultants, Systems Engineers, Solution Architects, Technical Account Managers, Technical Sales Managers and Directors, Presales, etc.) to share best practices and to learn about how to excel in their role.

Bonus - 11. Sales Hacker Community

15k+ members

The Sales Hacker Community is a LinkedIn group offshoot of “the world’s largest community for B2B sales,” SalesHacker.com. Sales Hacker is beloved for their honest and informative articles, and this tone extends into the LinkedIn group, which hosts over 15,000 members. The Sales Hacker Community group guidelines emphasize the necessity for intentional discussion, encouraging members to avoid hasty posts or comments. A glimpse at that philosophy (a quote from their guidelines):

[We are] a place for Sales Hackers to ask questions and engage in conversations focused on the modern B2B salesperson and process...Share valuable content and tell us how it has benefited you, share your personal thoughts on a topic, ask challenging questions, and comment on others’ posts with thoughtful feedback and insights. It is what you make it!

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