10 Best Sales Podcasts That Will Dramatically Boost Your Selling Skills


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Looking for the best sales podcasts to transform your selling approach and help you close more deals? You're in the right place. But first, a quote from the great Zig Ziglar.

The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.“ – Zig Ziglar.

No matter how amazing your selling skills are, there’s always room to learn.

Whether you’re a sales representative, a sales manager, or a starter founder, you have to constantly update yourself with the latest tactics and techniques to smash your quotas.

But there are only so many hours in the day—something that makes reading a whitepaper or watching sales enablement videos less appealing.

Luckily, we have something way more convenient to stay up to date on current sales trends and cutting-edge software and strategies: Sales podcasts.

Hosted by brilliant thought leaders to sharpen your sales skills, these bite-sized audio episodes are a goldmine of sales knowledge and data.

Listening to a sales podcast is like improving on the go. That’s why we’ve listed 10 amazing sales podcasts you need to listen to the next time you commute, drive, or exercise.

10 Best sales podcasts in 2024

Graphic saying podcast title "Conversations with women in sales" hosted by Lori Richardson

1. Conversations with Women in Sales

Barbara Giamanco started Conversations with Women in Sales to make it the #1 resource for women sales professionals.

She created this sales podcast as a direct response to the lack of women in sales roles—to encourage more women to embrace this male-dominated career path. Considering Listen Notes ranks Conversations with Women in Sales among the top 2% of most popular podcasts globally, we can safely say Barbara’s attempt was a successful one.

Sadly, she passed away in 2020, after which Women Sales Pros founder and president Lori Richardson took over and is doing a fantastic job in carrying Barbara’s legacy onwards and upwards.

Every Conversations with Women in Sales episode puts various women sales leaders on the forefront who talk candidly about their successful careers, share their experiences, and offer practical sales tips.

Lori gave this quote when asked, “What's your take on how women are faring in the male-dominated sales landscape today? Have they have been successful in establishing themselves?”:

"Women are underrepresented at EVERY level in B2B sales in most sectors and companies. Part of the issue for the lack of women in sales is because many women do not know about the career of professional selling in B2B. Also, many sales environments have not been as welcoming in the past to women although some companies have made great strides in creating a fantastic workplace for all."

‍Lori encourages women to find mentors, sponsors, and role models to improve and emerge as leaders. She also wishes for company leaders and sales leaders to find, hire, train, and promote more women into their sales teams.

Although dedicated to women, the podcast's insights on topics ranging from leadership to social selling to career management are valuable for anyone trying to advance their sales careers.

Recommended Conversations with Women in Sales episodes to listen to:

Sell or Die podcast image

2. Sell or Die

  • Episode Length: 10-50 mins
  • Where to Listen: Website, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Overcast, Spotify

The husband-wife duo, Jeffrey Gitomer and Jennifer Gitomer (both best-selling authors and sales experts), come together to explore selling—both as an art and a science.

Sell or Die uses humor and a no-BS approach to help you develop the mindsets, habits, and strategies of superachievers. The hosts cover sales leadership and management to more tactical content around building a social following, effective networking, cold calling, among other topics.

We particularly like how Jennifer and Jeffery explore questions in detail to identify the true talents and skills required to drive sales at an advanced level.

Moreover, the topics vary a good deal—and so do the guests.

Hear in-depth interviews with renowned business leaders to gain insights on how to achieve your goals and tackle challenges. Recurring features include segments like “Monday Motivation,“ a weekly “Best of“ roundup, and live Q&A chats.

Recommended Sell or Die episodes to listen to:

Bowery Capital Start up Sales Podcast

3. Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast

Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast is a discussion by the Bowery Capital team members and startup leaders to outline (and solve) the unique challenges involved in mastering startup sales.

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of solely focusing on product development and founder behavior when it’s the performance of the sales team that ultimately impacts their companies’ success.

Aimed at new and younger-generation startup founders, this sales podcast concentrates on the sales team’s role in the startup landscape. Tune in to learn how to write better emails, perfect your sales script, and the latest industry trends.

When asked why the Bowery team decided to launch a podcast instead of sticking to the usual blogs, Evan McElwain, the Director of Growth at Bowery Capital, said:

‍"Podcasts are great for longer-form topics so it allows us to go much deeper with our special guests on whatever topic we're covering as opposed to our blogs which we try to keep much more succinct."

The Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast also features guests from other domains, like e-commerce and travel, in addition to B2B SaaS. The interviewees are startup founders who successfully scaled their businesses and iterated their sales models for better outcomes.

If you want to gain initial traction and build out your sales team, you know where to head.

Recommended Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast episodes to listen to:

Predictable prospecting podcast

4. Predictable Prospecting

Predictable Prospecting is the brainchild of Marylou Tyler, a systems-engineer-turned-sales-engagement-expert. It's an excellent resource for sales leaders and SDRs wanting to build a more predictable prospecting and lead generation process.

Marylou uses her three-decade-long lead generation and sales process experience to highlight common sales issues and challenges. She also discusses smart solutions that can maximize one’s lead generation, social selling, and pipeline management efforts.

In her own words:

"Podcasts are the perfect medium for what Socrates called 'lifelong learning' - unceasing search for knowledge without any regard to finding the right action or reaching an end."

Well, Predictable Podcasting can surely be your go-to resource to master prospecting!

Various industry experts frequent the sales podcast to discuss the steps salespeople can take to identify high-quality leads. Each guest shares their experiences and gives practical advice to listeners.

Discussion topics include how to create reliable and measurable sales procedures, the art of closing sales, and creating delightful customer experiences.

Recommended Predictable Prospecting episodes to listen to:

The Other Side of Sales Podcast

5. The Other Side of Sales

The Other Side of Sales is hosted by two boss ladies, Ashleigh Early and Kasey Jones, who are out on a mission.

You may know about the stereotype of how a typical sales representative should operate or behave, which is ironic considering there is no one-size-fits-all sales solution. Ashleigh and Kasey want to break this mold by giving voice to the underrepresented, AKA the people who don’t fit this preconceived notion.

With a desire to create a healthy B2B sales culture where everyone thrives and feels empowered, they give listeners from diverse backgrounds fresh perspectives to help them overcome adversity and crush their quotas.

Ashleigh highlighted the importance of listening when it comes to driving sales. She says:

"Listening is the key to moving prospects to the next step in their buyer's journey, and to ensure you don't waste time on prospects that can't or shouldn't buy. It gives you the keys to bypass objections, isolate key value drivers, and even the words to use to get a blocker unblocked. Listen—and the rest will follow."

Tune into The Other Side of Sales to hear the stories of unconventional B2B sales professionals, and learn valuable insights, advice, and tools to stay at the top of your sales game.

Recommended The Other Side of Sales episodes to listen to:

Sales Gravy Podcast

6. Sales Gravy

Touted as “the world’s most downloaded sales podcast,” Sales Gravy will surely be a flavorful sauce that you must add to your sales recipe. After all, it's among the top 0.5% podcasts in the world!

Just like its amazing sales blog, the Sales Gravy podcast aims to provide salespeople with relevant training and resources to help them adapt to an ever-changing industry and stay ahead of the curve.

It’s hosted by Jeb Blount, one of the most sought-after prospecting experts and the bestselling author of People Buy You, where he delivers valuable nuggets of information and quick tips on negotiation strategies, objections, and other related topics.

Similar to the Sales Hacker podcast, you’ll get episodes that last up to an hour, as well as ones that are just 5 to 10 minutes long—however, the majority of the episodes are on the shorter side.

Its practical and inspiring sales advice is targeted at sales professionals and leaders to help them become better at your job and close more deals. Some of the topics discussed on the show include sales motivation, cold calling, text messaging, sales enablement, and the importance of sleeping(!).

Although the episode frequency is sporadic, Jeb still manages to publish a few episodes every month.

Recommended Sales Gravy episodes to listen to:

The Sales Evangelist Podcast image

7. The Sales Evangelist

The Sales Evangelist covers everything—strategies, industry trends, inspiring stories, and practical advice—you need to know about becoming successful in sales.

Host Donald Kelly, a well-renowned sales practitioner and trainer, strongly believes everyone in sales should be making more. But he also understands this is directly linked to the salesperson’s selling abilities and skills.

Donald interviews a diverse profile of thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and sales experts to share strategic B2B selling tactics and stories that can help one overcome objections, design the perfect cold email outreach process, and get in-depth insights into the fundamentals of effective selling.

Moreover, since Donald is still on the front lines selling, all the anecdotes and tips you hear are fresh and relevant.

Here are a few ideas the “sales evangelist” recommends for sales reps and executives to enhance their skills:

  1. "Study a sales book once a month. Take part in a sales mastermind to learn from other sellers and executives. Invest in their own continuing education going to conferences and online events. Listen to podcasts daily to gain new insights."

Both Donald and his incredible profile of guests are people who are genuinely passionate about sales, so every podcast episode has this infectious energy that is sure to keep you glued.

Recommended The Sales Evangelist episodes to listen to:

Sales Hacker Podcast with Sam Jacobs

8. The Sales Hacker Podcast

The Sales Hacker Podcast is an extension of the Sales Hacker community that’s practically a goldmine of sales-related advice, information, enablement, and training resources.

Founder Sam Jacob, the founder of Revenue Collective and a prolific sales leader, interviews industry heavyweights every week to discuss cutting-edge sales technology, tips, tactics, and strategies in the B2B field.

Every interview comes with unique actionable insights that can be exceptionally helpful for modern sales pros who want to stay on top of the latest sales trends.

The format of the podcast is well balanced, where they post a long-form episode every Monday (about 50 minutes) and a quick episode every Friday for their ‘Friday Fundamentals’ series that is less than 10 minutes.

So whether you want to dive deeper or keep it short and sweet, there’s something for everyone.

Recommended The Sales Hacker Podcast episodes to listen to:

We The Sales Engineers Podcast

9. We the Sales Engineers

​​Ramzi Marjaba, a Hybrid Senior Sales Engineer at Ixia Solutions Group at Keysight Technologies, came up with the idea of launching WeTheSalesEngineer.com to create a one-stop resource website for sales engineers, complete with a blog and a podcast.

When asked what was his 'Aha!' moment that led him to launch his own podcast, ​​Ramzi said:

"A year and a half into my Sales Engineering Career, my Senior VP of Sales pulled me into a conference room to tell me that I did not do any discovery. I did not what discovery was. So I went into research mode and talked to many SEs in my company only to see they have the same problems that I did. Most books I found were about Sales. I figured the best way to learn is to talk to SEs from other companies, and the best way to get them to talk to me was to have a podcast. That's how We The Sales Engineers started."

Ramzi's efforts sure paid off, considering this podcast is currently one of the top 2.5% shows in the world and offers excellent advice dedicated to sales engineers.

It provides career-focused insights and book recommendations to help listeners expand their thinking processes. It also features tidbits from sales engineers and sales leaders that can serve as great talking points for interviews and strategizing.

Topics of discussion include building technical knowledge, moving jobs, and developing team-building skills.

If you want to know what differentiates a great sales engineer from a good sales engineer, you have to give We the Sales Engineers a listen.

Recommended We the Sales Engineers episodes to listen to:

The Brutal Truth about Sales & Selling podcast

10. The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling

True to its name, The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling podcast uses a brutally honest, no-BS approach to offer invaluable B2B selling advice from the world‘s best-selling practitioners.

It’s hosted by Brian Burns, the CEO of B2B Revenue and author of some fantastic selling books like The Maverick Selling Method and Selling in a New Market Space.

Known for reverse-engineering closed deals, Brian shares tried-and-tested approaches that can help streamline sales cycles, ramp up revenues, and optimize customer behavior.

However, he does this in his own unique way.

Brian tries to create sales and buying pattern maps to help his listeners understand the art of selling instead of the conventional tips-and-tricks approach. This helps cut out the fluff while uncovering lesser-explored aspects of popular sales topics like cold calling, challenger sale, solution selling, advanced skills for sale, among others.

The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling is an excellent resource for sales reps and sales managers looking to get an extra edge with practical methods and detailed methodologies—all supported with interviews, stories, and Brian’s two-decade-old industry experience.

Recommended The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling episodes to listen to:

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