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Welcome to the first in our series of executive profiles. We're giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the people working to create a better demo experience for B2B SaaS salespeople and their clients.

We sat down with Colin Capobianco, Demostack's new VP of Sales to learn more about his leadership roles at companies like Salesforce, Yammer, Microsoft, Zuora, and Walkme. We also learn about his passion working with early stage startups, and how he thinks Demostack can transform the way salespeople do sales.

Welcome aboard Colin.

What do you do at Demostack and what are you especially good at professionally?

I recently joined Demostack as the first VP of Sales.

I enjoy building companies from the ground up, especially emerging technologies with products I can really get behind given my past experiences.

It's always hard in the beginning but there's nothing more fulfilling from a career perspective than achieving the "almost impossible" with amazing people while having fun along the way.

It's where I like to be most from a professional perspective.

What did you do before coming to Demostack?

I've been fortunate in my career to have many great experiences.

From the earliest days at companies like, Zuora, and Yammer where I had the opportunity to experience hyper-growth and learn from incredible leaders. To helping build companies from the ground up like WalkMe (recently IPO'd on Nasdaq) and RapidAPI (recently raised Series C).

All amazing companies, products, and people.

Learning how to build a successful SaaS company is like getting an MBA, at least to me. I really enjoy contributing to all aspects of the business well beyond just Sales.

What was it about Demostack that inspired you to join?

We're tackling a problem that exists in almost every organization but is very complex to solve.

At least to do it well.

Every organization has demo challenges but also difficulty finding a solution that can truly replicate and replace their existing environments. Demo's are mission-critical to Sales but also well beyond the Sales organization.

I won't go into details about our technology but we're building something unique that will empower users across all functions in an Enterprise organization to deliver great, relevant demos.

It's a big vision and opportunity to create a Demo Experience Platform that will define the category and differentiate us from anything on the market.

This combined with the people and my personal experiences made Demostack a great fit.

How do you think Demostack would have helped in your previous positions as a sales leader?

So many ways. Take Salesforce and their Q Branch.

This was my first experience with the challenge of how to scale custom demo environments. They have an entire organization built to manage this problem given the revenue impacts it delivers to the company.

If you take WalkMe, I can think of many use cases with and beyond the Sales organization where Demostack would have material impact on net/new, expansion, and retention revenue.

From a pure Sales leader perspective, I want our team to give better demos earlier in the cycle to ensure we increase our chances to advance every opportunity. I want to lower my CAC by better qualifying opportunities before advancing them to my incredibly busy, amazing, (and more expensive) Sales Engineering team.

I also want to reduce my sales cycle length by making the conversation more relevant and impactful earlier in the process so our buyers can better map our technology to their specific challenges.

This is what we're proving we can do by empowering business users with the tools they need to deliver great demos.

Thanks Colin!

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