HubSpot Sales Hub and Demostack Integration


Author: Barry Mueller
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With our latest integration upgrade, you can create HubSpot reports that leverage new demo data. This data is the last lever in your sales motion that can help you move the needle for sales.

Below are the top 5 ways demo data can change your sales motion.

Click through the slides below to learn how each person on your GTM team can leverage demo data.

15 ways to win deals with HubSpot and Demostack

Demo data should inform three areas of your sales motion:


  • Demo performance by rep: Who gives the best demos? How do you scale that to the entire team? By understanding what your best reps are showing on demo calls, you’ll identify how to best showcase your product and enable the rest of your sales org to do the same.


  • Do more of what’s working: You can finally uncover what you did differently on deals won vs. deals lost. Get insights like…how many demos per win/loss and what your money feature is.
  • Buyer engagement: If you’re leveraging tours and sandbox leave-behinds, you’ll want to monitor engagement data around what prospects are viewing outside of your calls and where they spend the most time. Getting those insights in real-time allows you to strike while the iron’s hot and focus your next conversation on what they care about most.
  • Capture demand: Gate product Tours and find out how hot your leads are. Follow up in real-time with HubSpot notifications.

Strategic Initiatives:

  • Activity by demo asset: Is the sales team actually using the demo assets you created in the field? Are they showing the shiny new feature you just rolled out? Tracking this will help you understand how sticky your enablement sessions really are.

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