Demostack is Revolutionizing Sales Enablement for Demos


Author: Barry Mueller

Until today, there has been no sales enablement tech built with the intention of a live sales call (demo presentation). Most platforms focus on managing sales enablement assets that sales reps send to prospects between calls (case studies, white papers, etc.). Tech is important for this to help ensure assets are up-to-date and tracked. However, the tech runs short of truly helping sales during live demos.

Sales enablement starts with Demos

Demostack isn't your typical sales enablement platform. After all, it's built to solve all the pain points around demos, not general sales enablement problems and hurdles. With that being said, this laser focus on demos has allowed Demostack to become the industry leader in sales enablement for demos – the most crucial part of the sales cycle.

Introducing Demo Playbooks

This month, Demostack released One-Click Demo Playbooks. Now, in just one click, sales can launch everything they need for a complete demo presentation - Demo assets, mobile demos, tours, and URLs. Each demo asset can be customized by vertical, persona, and segment to help your team tell a better story and win more deals.

Benefits for sales and enablement leaders leveraging Demo Playbooks

Sales and enablement leaders and their teams are becoming better with Demostack.

1. Efficient sales team

The frustration of signing into multiple products, navigating complex interfaces, or struggling with mobile connections is now a thing of the past. With Demostack, your sales team can launch tailored demos, sales decks, integration demonstrations, and mobile demos with a single, effortless click. Efficiency is the name of the game, and Demostack delivers.

2. Everything at sales’ fingertips

The days of hunting for the right demo assets are over. Demostack empowers enablement and sales leaders to bundle all demo presentation assets in the right Playbook. In addition, leaders can plug in speaker notes tailored for each type of prospect. Of course, these demo assets are tailored to your prospect and are reliable.

3. Centralized process management

Keep each GTM organized with folders, a highly requested feature we are releasing with Demo Playbooks. Folders help each GTM team find the appropriate Demo Playbook. Each Playbook can be grouped by verticals, segments, and personas so everyone can deliver the perfect narrative every time.

Roles and permissions are managed by Workspaces. It is helpful for channel partners and prevents certain teams from accessing demos that are in beta or not supposed to be widely shared.

4. Sales team alignment

Like all sales playbooks, Demostack's Playbooks align your sales teams on delivering predictable and repeatable demos. The result is a more cohesive, effective sales force working together to secure deals. In addition, with Demostack analytics, you can make sure that the Playbooks are effective.

5. Professional demo presentations

Demostack ensures that your sales team's screen-sharing sessions remain polished and distraction-free. Pop-ups and notifications are effectively prevented, ensuring no embarrassing pop-ups come up. Ensure your sales team is presenting the custom demos your team built with analytics.

6. Professional mobile demos

Only with Demostack will your team have the ability to demo your mobile app from your desktop seamlessly alongside your web app. Playbooks launch any demo asset made with Demostack along with any URL. No need for Zoom sharing from multiple devices, cables, or an actual phone. Just click on the relevant, easy-to-find Demo Playbook.

7. Efficient onboarding

Onboarding new team members is simplified with Demostack's well-structured Demo playbooks. They provide a clear path for getting new recruits up to speed quickly and effectively.

8. Enhanced buying experience

Demostack Playbooks create a better buying experience. Prospects can expect a custom demo that sales can present fluidly without switching screens to screen share. Most importantly - Demostack empowers sales to customize their demos so the right narrative is being delivered to the customer every time.

9. Building Playbooks is easy

If building Demo Playbooks was difficult, then it would not matter how beneficial they were to the sales teams. Luckily, for enablement and technical sales leaders, building a Playbook is as easy as 1,2,3.

Demostack’s SE team helps teams build their first demo assets so they can go live quickly and gives teams the tools they need to build assets independently. Any demo asset that is demo-ready can be put into a Playbook. If a demo needs to be depreciated, it can easily be removed from a Playbook. If a demo is updated, it can easily be added to an existing Playbook. It really is easy.

Demo sales enablement: A new frontier

Demostack doesn't just offer a tool; it's a transformational resource that can revolutionize your sales approach. By addressing the critical pain points associated with product demonstrations, Demostack empowers your team to impress clients, close deals, and elevate your sales game. Join us on this journey to redefine your approach to sales enablement.

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