Tailor the product story in minutes


With Overlay, you can mask your existing environment with a story that resonates on every live demo.

Immerse your buyer in a story about them

That off-the-shelf ACME Inc. demo won’t cut it. Neither will waiting weeks for a custom version. Demostack lets you add an Overlay of edits on top of your existing environment with a few clicks - so your buyer can understand your product’s value right off the bat.

Showcase your true product experience

Overlay edits sit on top of your real product. That means you’ve got the flexibility to demo all your product’s functionality - like a feed of real-time data, search results, or a workflow that’s making calls to your backend.

Create a library of demo templates

Let your SEs create customized Overlays by persona, use case, or vertical, so your sellers can showcase a tailored product story, even on the first call.

Let's level up your demos

Get a personalized demo and see our platform in action.

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