Demo Browser App

Demo Management & Enablement

Create a calmer and more professional demo experience in a patented-browser designed for sales demo presentations.

Automatically snooze notifications when screen sharing

Avoid unwanted distractions and enhance the professionalism of your team's demo presentations.

With our demo browser, you can automatically mute distracting Slack messages, texts, and Teams notifications. This ensures your presentations proceed without those awkward pop-up interruptions.

Press screenshare once. No on/off between decks and showing product

All this money is spent on getting prospects to a demo and then all of sudden a screen sharing mistake made this demo go from a deal-maker to a deal-breaker.

Make sure your team demos with confidence by bundling all demo presentation assets together - including sales decks and your mobile app.

Present demos with confidence

Sales teams can effortlessly launch tailored demos, sales decks, integration demonstrations, and mobile demos with one-click

Enablement teams can equip each demo playbook with speaker notes and organize the products in the right flow so sales can stay on track.

Bonus: Sales can use our pulsing mouse feature to grab the prospect's attention.

Show mobile demos from your laptop

Launching cable-free, phone-free mobile app demonstrations is now seamless and professional. Traditional challenges, such as unreliable cable connections, distracting third-party apps, and unprofessional home screens, are a thing of the past. There is no more need for signing into Zoom twice.

With Demostack, prepare your mobile app demo once for your entire team, enabling consistent, distraction-free presentations alongside your web app demos. This unified platform ensures a smooth, professional experience free from pop-ups and interruptions, empowering your sales team to focus on what truly matters - showcasing your product's value.

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