Gloat unlocks its demo environment potential with Demostack

Customer Story

After implementing Demostack, Gloat established a Demo HQ as a one-stop solution for all their demo environment needs. From the first call to the POC, all teams can present the product in the best possible light.


  • Live production environment not easily configurable to showcase the range of the product
  • Homegrown demo environment was unpredictable and had too many bugs, particularly in showing newly released functionality
  • Homegrown demo environment required significant R&D and technical resources, making it impossible to customize demos at scale
  • Demos couldn’t easily be customized
  • Challenging to share a stable, customized sandbox with prospects after sales calls

Demostack value

  • Gloat’s solution consulting (SC) team now owns the demo environment without reliance on technical teams
  • Gloat SCs can customize every demo for each use case and persona
  • Gloat’s product marketers create customized demos for analysts, and events, and can now enable confidently
  • SCs and AEs can share a trial-like Sandbox environment after a call

About Gloat

Gloat is an industry-leading Workforce Agility Platform that enables businesses to move like a startup and deliver like an enterprise. Bringing together the world's first AI-powered Talent Marketplace with rich, dynamic Workforce Intelligence, the Gloat platform empowers businesses to develop and deploy their talent, while continuously understanding and adapting their workforce to changing needs. With Gloat, businesses are ready to navigate change at speed, retain critical skill sets, and design a future-proof workforce.

Before Demostack

Gloat’s demo environment needed support from the product and R&D team. Without full-time support, code ownership, and an actual product owner, the demo environment was filled with bugs and outdated features.

Furthermore, the sales and solution consultant (SC) teams couldn't customize each demo instance. Thus, nearly all demos were generic and not tailored to the prospect. This lack of customization made it difficult for Gloat’s sales team to show the real value of their product. In addition, it was difficult for the product marketing team to prepare for enablement, analyst briefings, and events.

Lastly, Gloat, had no way of showing off its incredible product to its prospects outside of a demo. Since Gloat’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) machine needs a magnitude of data to run, Gloat could not offer a trial. So, Gloat relied heavily on its Solution Consultants (SC) to show off the demo environment during live calls.

The solution

Demostack has given Gloat’s SC team more autonomy over their demo environment. The sales team is happy, and so are the technical teams. Yoni, the SE and SC team lead, has customized multiple demo templates for many use cases. Each SC can further personalize its demo instance using variables. Plus, SCs and AEs can now share a trial-like Sandbox environment after calls, so prospects can interact with the product and see the potential.

“With an accurate demo, we now move from helping our buyers imagine how the product looks, to helping our buyers imagine the impact that it's going to have on their organization.”

And, Noelle can now enable the sales teams with confidence and easily personalize demos for analyst briefings and events.

Demostack has become the Demo HQ for Gloat.

Choosing Demostack over competitors

Like many technology companies, the Gloat team was unaware of a technology solution available solving for their demo environment pain points. Multiple cross-organization task forces could only solve the issues if they had unlimited resources.

Yoni Friedman, VP of Sales Engineering & Solution Consulting tried solving Gloat’s demo issues in-house but finally sought an external solution. Yoni and his team tested a few demo experience platforms, but only Demostack could clone Gloat's entire environment within minutes--Yoni needed 40+ hours to do that exact thing with a competing product.

“Getting our product in front of buyers early in the deal in a customized way, tailored to their use cases and to their problems, has allowed us to close more business quicker.”

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