Amplitude scales their demo operation with a Demostack environment

Customer Story

With over 800+ employees, Amplitude needed a better way to support their demo team since each new product release required up to 80-100 hours to stand up a new demo environment.

At a Glance

  • Customer: Amplitude
  • Champions: Meghan Noel, Vice President of Global Presales, and Haley Cen, Demo Engineering Manager
  • Industry: Product Analytics
  • Headquarters: San Francisco, California
  • Employees: 800+


  • Stretched Solution Consulting (SC) resources due to over-reliant Account Executives (AE) on the SC team for product demos
  • Complex data sets for each tailored demo took up to 2-4 weeks
  • A demo environment for each new product rollout took up to 80-100 engineering hours to create
  • High demand for new demos due to aggressive product innovation roadmaps
  • Providing access and training to the field on how to show the product was labor intensive
  • Sales reps “fear of the demo” or reluctance to learn to showcase the product in 1st conversations

Demostack Value

  • Amplitude has scaled demo activities by enabling more people to show their product in a tailored way each time
  • AEs can handle first-call demos with confidence without relying on SCs
  • Shortened the time to make a custom demo from a few weeks to a few minutes
  • Can now customize text, charts, and data directly through Demostack rather than creating custom datasets
  • AEs and SCs can now share a Sandbox link to build deal momentum after live demos

About Amplitude

Amplitude is a leading digital analytics platform. More than 1,900 customers, including Atlassian, Chick-fil-A, Marks & Spencer, NBCUniversal, Shopify, and Under Armour rely on Amplitude to gain self-service visibility into the entire customer journey. When teams understand how people are using their product, they can deliver better product experiences. With Amplitude, teams can understand what product features are working, where users are getting stuck, and what actions lead to the right outcomes. Nothing is more critical to driving revenue growth. Amplitude is the best-in-class analytics solution for product, data, and marketing teams, ranked #1 in multiple categories in G2’s 2022 Fall Report. Learn how to optimize your digital products and business at

Before Demostack

Amplitude had demo environments they had built but giving access and training to the field was extremely labor-intensive.

Creating a demo that conveyed the product value and competitive differentiation in-house was incredibly difficult because it required complex, custom data sets.

Not being able to scale the demo created challenges with scaling the business and an over-reliance on the PreSales team.

With a massive pipeline of product innovation happening, Amplitude needed a better way to support their demo team because each new product release required up to 80-100 hours to stand up a new demo environment.

The solution

With Demostack, Amplitude has scaled their demo operation.

“Demostack has been the key and a game changer around our ability to scale and focus on the right things,” said Meghan Noel, VP of Global Presales at Amplitude.

They’re enabling sellers with easy-to-use demos so the Solutions Consulting team can focus their time and expertise where it is most valuable.

With product innovation happening at rapid speed, they’re able to spin up a demo in no time for a new release, allowing them to bring new products to market faster.

Finally, the data set bottleneck was also solved with Demostack. Instead of spending 80-100 hours building complex data sets for a new demo, the Amplitude team is now able to edit charts and data in a few minutes to craft a story that truly showcases the value of the analytics their platform delivers.

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