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B2B sales are constantly evolving, and staying ahead means keeping up with the latest insights and strategies from the best sales blogs.

While the fundamental principles remain unchanged, the tactics and approaches shift over time. Those subject lines and sales scripts that once sealed deals are now outdated, and unlikely to garner a response in today's market.

If you aren’t on the top of your sales game, you’ll find yourself struggling—struggling to attract customers and struggling to make a quota.

Luckily, the internet exists. You’ll find countless online resources to sharpen your skills, where you can learn other experts’ wisdom, experiences, and strategies.

There’s still one problem.

Everyone has advice they want to share. This makes it difficult to find valuable and insightful content that actually teaches you something.

To help you set yourself up for success, here’s our curated list of the 10 best sales blogs you need to follow.

10 Best Sales Blogs in 2024

1. Sales Hacker

Regularly updated with the latest sales tips and strategic tactics, Sales Hacker is the holy grail for all things sales.

This sales blog was created by Max Altschuler, who is also the VP of Marketing at It features detailed blog posts, on-demand webinars, e-books, videos, and more, for both buyers and sellers from a range of informed authors.

The majority of Sales Hacker’s content is focused on building and shaping the future of sales through unbiased and actionable content, including lead generation, negotiation, and outreach techniques.

Sales Hacker also delves into lesser discussed topics, such as sales enablement support, sales operations, and RevOps. B2B sales reps, managers, and executives frequent this sales blog for practical solutions.

Check this quote from an article titled Entrepreneurial Setting: The Simple Mindset Shift That Wins More Deals written by Amy Franko:

If you’re going to stay on their (customer's) journey, you must bring more creativity, insights, and business value in early interactions. You must avoid painful mistakes that drive them off before you’ve even started.

Recommended Sales Hacker posts to check out:

2. A Sales Guy

A prominent figure in the sales and marketing industry and the founder of this amazing sales blog, you may already know Keenan.

If you don’t, well, he isn’t just any sales guy - he’s the sales guy. Did we mention he’s one of the top 30 Social Sellers in the world? 

Unsurprisingly, A Sales Guy is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to sell something—anything—to someone. The tone is fun, the content interesting, and the language casual.

While it's mainly popular for content dealing in attracting and hiring top talent best practices, this blog also discusses crucial tactics and offers relevant sales insights to make you a "badass" salesperson.

A Sales Guy is one of the few blogs that educate you in modern sales techniques and tactics to give you the best results.

There’s also a unique #HeyKeenan section, where you can post all your questions and queries, and Keenan will answer them in the form of a video.

In an interview with Andy Paul for his Sales Enablement Podcast, Keenan gave this quote when asked about the changes he anticipates in the sales world going forward:

You got to really position yourself in a virtual setting with people you’ve never met before over a computer screen. You got to get them to recognize that, yeah, you can fundamentally change their business by solving some pesky problems that (they) haven’t been able to solve today.

Recommended A Sales Guy posts to check out:

3. For Entrepreneurs

David Skok has a wealth of experience, having started his first company way back in 1977—something he brilliantly channels in his blog, For Entrepreneurs. Even Forbes agrees, ranking For Entrepreneurs #2 in its 100 Best Websites for Entrepreneurs list.

For Entrepreneurs deals in thought-provoking content aimed at both budding and established entrepreneurs. You’ll also find tons of articles outlining marketing-sales alignment, positioning, and metrics, among other key aspects.

If reading strategic posts appeals to you, For Entrepreneurs is right up your alley.

Skok highlights common fundamental issues faced by startup founders (including their early-stage struggles to secure funds) and gives bonafide advice to help his readers become successful.

Use this blog to learn how to create a well-oiled sales and marketing machine to facilitate your company’s growth.

Here’s a quote from David where he tells entrepreneurs to prioritize customer satisfaction to stop churn:

A great starting point for making your customers happy is to make sure they are getting the business benefits that caused them to sign up in the first place. For some startups, this will mean taking the time to figure out a really simple way to express the key business outcomes that their product will deliver. That message should resonate with the CEO of your buyer if you had one minute to describe it to them in an elevator.

Recommended For Entrepreneurs posts to check out:

4. Heinz Marketing

When the repeat winner of Top 50 Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management AND Top 50 Sales and Marketing Influencers offers you sales advice, you’ve got to listen.

Matt Heinz is the founder of Heinz Marketing, an excellent sales blog that's a one-stop-shop for daily B2B sales and marketing insights.

It offers inbound, prospecting, and account-based selling tools and insights, as well as revenue acceleration tactics and strategies to materially and measurably drive sales.

Matt uses his 15-year experience and a no-BS approach to give you actionable and motivating takeaways. However, instead of restricting the blog to his sole viewpoint, he extends the platform to other writers to highlight different perspectives.

You can read interesting posts on various topics, like building a sales pipeline, customer engagement, and content marketing—all presented in a conversational tone and with great humor.\

Exclusive features like ‘App of the Week’ and ‘How I Work,’ along with relevant podcasts and videos, can further help you master effective selling and boost your productivity.

Here’s a quote from Stephanie Carrillo, the senior marketing consultant at Heinz Marketing, where she details how to forecast sales leads:

If you do not have a way to track past performance, at Heinz Marketing, we use a conservative average to start: 5% lead to opportunity and 20% opportunity to closed-won. However, to sharpen your forecast, using your data is preferred.

Recommended Heinz Marketing posts to check out:

5. DoubleDigit Sales

DoubleDigit Sales is a high-performance sales consultancy firm blog that features a wide range of topics to encourage sales managers, sales representatives, and sales executives to smash quotas.

Most of the articles are centered on helping business owners find top talent and improve outcomes. It also offers some amazing sales training courses that can help you stay at the top of your sales game.

Each post is incredibly detailed, logically framed, and filled with valuable insights to transition you into a better salesperson.

Check out this quote from one of the articles written by the DoubleDigit Sales team, highlighting the importance of diagnosing one’s sales pipeline:

As a salesperson, your sales pipeline is an important tool that helps you understand how you are performing and where the opportunity lies for you to be successful. Reviewing your sales pipeline helps you think about where your time is best spent, how you are managing your territory, opportunities, and client relationships.

Recommended DoubleDigit Sales sales posts to check out:

6. Sales Gravy

You may be an excellent closer, but it won’t mean anything if you don’t have high-quality prospects.

This is exactly why Sales Gravy needs to be on your sales reading list.

Created by Jeb Blout, a prospecting expert who authored a book titled Fanatical Prospecting, this sales blog features effective top-of-the-funnel-focused tips and hacks to enhance your prospecting skills.

Blout shares high-quality articles, podcasts, videos, training resources, and advice—everything that can help sales representatives do better.

Sales leadership, closing deals, and building authentic seller-buyer relationships are the other topics covered.

Here's an excerpt from a popular article called 8 Essential Tips for Making the Perfect Follow Up Call written by Jim Domanski:

At the end of your e-mail add a P.S. that says, 'John, in the meantime, here’s an article I thought you might enjoy, regarding…' The article may be about your industry, the market, a product, or better yet, something non-business-related that you had discussed in your initial call. This creates tremendous value even if the client does not open it.

Recommend Sales Gravy posts to check out:

7. SalesFolk Blog

The SalesFolk blog is essential for anyone looking to improve their sales email game. This blog, renowned for dissecting the good, the bad, and the ugly of cold emailing, provides actionable insights and examples to help readers avoid common pitfalls and enhance their email strategies.

Their unique "Hall of Shame" section exposes the worst of prospecting emails, serving as a cautionary tale to avoid common cold emailing pitfalls.

The blog emphasizes the importance of tailored messaging over generic approaches, showcasing how specificity can significantly impact the effectiveness of sales communication.

A standout quote from the blog emphasizes the importance of perseverance and customization in follow-up emails:

It’s true that if you don’t send 8 emails, you’re probably missing out on 33-60% of responses (or more) from qualified leads... But those numbers are only true if you make the time to craft thoughtful and targeted emails for EVERY step of your email campaign.

Recommended SalesFolk posts to check out:

8. SaaStr

SaaStr was started by Jason M. Lemkin, a venture capitalist, and an avid SaaS enthusiast to feature his answers to questions received on Quora, and document his process of turning his company, Echosign, into a $100 million business.

Soon after, SaaStr catapulted into one of the biggest communities for SaaS developers and entrepreneurs.

We highly recommend this blog for its tactical guidance on the latest industry trends, sales practices, and motivation. You’ll also find many large-scale posts covering team productivity and the development of SaaS companies.

Take a look at Jason’s take on why CEOs should know their loss rate:

It’s too easy to make up numbers in a less than rigorous Win Rate analysis. Tracking Loss Rate first and foremost forces the AEs and others to close out every Opportunity after a certain time and be clear if it was Lost — and importantly, to Whom. This generally will uncover a Loss Rate that is higher than what a roughly tracked Win Rate would suggest.

Recommended SaaStr posts to check out:

9. RAIN Group

How does someone become a top-performing seller? How can you ensure genuine sales performance improvement? What drives customers to choose between companies?

If you want to know the answers to these questions and more, bookmark RAIN Group’s sales blog ASAP.

This blog features research-based, no-fluff, thought-provoking content, including strategies and tips—all presented in a punchy and conversational tone.

RAIN Group readers get in-depth insights on sales management, performance improvement, sales process, sales training, prospecting, and negotiating to help them unleash their sales potential.

Here’s an interesting quote from the president of RAIN Group, Mike Schultz, on overcoming sales objections:

Ask permission from the buyer to understand and explore the issue. From there, restate the concern as you understand it. Sometimes when you restate the objection, the buyer sees the issue more fully, and you get closer to the true source of the objection as a result.

Recommended RAIN Group’s posts to check out:

10. Gong Labs Blog

If you’re looking for fun and engaging content, you should definitely check out’s Gong Labs Blog.

It’s an excellent resource, filled with expert tips and advice for sales representatives and sales leaders. The blog provides 100% sales-focused, highly tactical articles and videos that are easy to read, view, and digest.

Moreover, all content is published after analyzing hundreds and thousands of recorded and transcribed AI sales conversations. So all the perspectives and insights you read are backed by hard data and solid research.

The Gong Labs Blog shares tons of valuable information that can genuinely improve your skills and understanding, ranging from deal-closing techniques to quota-smashing strategies to conducting successful sales calls.

Here’s a quote from one of our favorite articles on the blog written by Devin Reed:

Prospects view giving you time as a loss of resources – so they’re much less likely to agree to your meeting. Interest, however, is not perceived in the same way. It’s not finite, nor is it a resource. And for that reason, sellers have more success when they pique someone’s curiosity instead of asking for resources (like time) upfront.

Recommended Gong Labs Blog posts to check out:

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