BlueVoyant leverages Demostack for multi-million dollar RFP

Customer Story

Learn how BlueVoyant's sales engineering team succeeds with Demostack - getting ROI in one call.


  • BlueVoyant wanted to better showcase its products and services so customers better understood its value. Three different demo environments were used in the sales process, making the demo environment complicated.
  • Sales Engineers (SEs) required on every call.

Demostack value

  • Demostack clones the full experience of what’s shown in the live demo, and allows reps to have their own demo environments, better showcasing BlueVoyant’s products and services.
  • Demostack’s ease of use and ability to clone in minutes allows AEs to demo on introductory or discovery calls, so SEs can focus on larger or later stage deals.

About BlueVoyant

BlueVoyant is an internal and external cyber defense platform that defends business ecosystems against today’s threats by utilizing large, real-time datasets with industry-leading analytics, and technologies. The company’s threat intelligence data detects and quickly responds to cybersecurity risks using intuitive automations to mitigate threats against your attack surface effectively and efficiently.

Before Demostack

  • BlueVoyant was using three different in-house demo environments to manage different aspects of their demo experience, which was difficult to manage
  • SEs were required on every call due to this complexity
  • BlueVoyant was looking to better showcase the value it brings to customers with its demos

BlueVoyant wanted to improve its demo environment to showcase its advanced technology, data, and analytics in the best light.


  • Reduce demo complexity so SEs were no longer needed on every call
  • Better showcase BlueVoyant’s value proposition in the demo
  • Deliver consistent, repeatable, winning demos
  • Reduce the cost of demo upkeep
  • Demo environment solution for third-party sellers

To solve this, BlueVoyant identified several key criteria. The team needed a way to demo that was simple enough that any Account Executive could do it without the help of a Sales Engineer. The company also wanted a way to white-label their demo environment for their partners.

Naturally, the solution had to deliver consistent, repeatable demos without any surprise changes and provide access control to prevent surprises.

“We were looking for something that was straightforward and easy for our Account Executives and Salespeople to login and show customers without the help of a Sales Engineer,” said Bryan Rowland, director of solutions architecture at BlueVoyant.

Why Demostack

  • Execute high quality live demos consistently
  • Effective solution with the ease of use
  • Ability to update in minutes with zero extraneous work
  • Individual demo instances for each user

After comparing and doing proof of concept (PoC) for multiple solutions, including video recording and screenshot-based platforms, BlueVoyant chose Demostack for its ability to clone the full product experience in minutes, plus, how easy it was to edit and make updates.

“Demostack is apples to oranges to other demo solutions. What I love about it is that I can log in, grab everything we need, make an update, and demo in minutes, which really sets it apart. In comparison, other solutions require a ton of overhead and maintenance work, since you have to manually link screenshots together to create a demo asset. With Demostack, I can clone the entire experience in seconds,” Rowland said.


  • BlueVoyant used Demostack for a multi-million dollar request for proposal (RFP) to better tell the story of its products and services, and showcase elements they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to demo
  • AEs can handle intro demo calls without the need for SEs thanks to a much simpler demo environment
  • Demostack is the go-to platform for showcasing what BlueVoyant’s products and services can do
  • Resources required to manage demo environments were reduced, allowing BlueVoyant to scale faster

Now, BlueVoyant’s sellers can effortlessly run introductory calls without an SE, thanks to Demostack’s ease of use and consistent demos. Those SEs can instead focus on more strategic and later stage deals to ensure their time is spent on the most valuable activities.

Even in a short period of time, Demostack is already adding value to the BlueVoyant team.

“We used Demostack for a multi-million dollar RFP and it allowed us to showcase the value of our product with a much stronger story in the demo. That was all the ROI we needed in one call,” said Rowland. “I would absolutely recommend Demostack to others in software sales. Having a product like Demostack is a game-changer for anyone doing live demos.”

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