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How to create the connection

What makes an engaging story? How do you weave this story into your demo in a way that connects to your audience? Watch Nick and expert demo coach, Peter Cohan, break down what it takes to craft a compelling story around your demo.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to wrap a story around your demo.
  • How great discovery leads to better storytelling.
  • Using stories to support pain points, solutions, and expertise.
  • How to rebound from a demo disaster.

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30 days in 30 minutes: Storytelling Roadtrip Recap

Fresh off his West Coast Storytelling Tour, Nick Capozzi, Demostack’s Head of Storytelling, has spent the last 30 days on a quest to find out how the best and the brightest in sales utilize storytelling.

Learn real-life tactics and hear examples of using storytelling to improve team performance, drive revenue, and strengthen the buyer-seller connection.

You'll learn:

  • Drive better sales numbers with these 3 tips for sales leaders
  • Uncover top actionable sales trends right now
  • Build the seller/buyer connection through storytelling
  • Upskill your best practices to set the stage for your stories to make an impact and achieve success

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How to crush demos in 2022 and beyond

You’ve heard it time and time again - buying habits have changed. So, why are we still demoing like we used to? 

Watch Mor and Nick discuss how to set your demo up for a win, why demos fail, and how you can find demo success in 2022.

You’ll Learn:

  • Setting the foundation for a win
  • The three things that kill demos (and how to fix them)
  • How to tell product stories that close deals

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